Build A Vaporizer Instructions

Instructions for Pickle Jar Vaporizer

  1. Start by cutting your 8” to 12” Long PVC Base Pipe to your own desired height.

  2. Drill (2) 1” diameter holes into the side of your Base Pipe. In the middle, 1” between each other.

  3. To the right side of the two holes make a 1/2” diameter hole.

  4. Put aside for now.

  5. Now take one of your PVC 3” Pipe Caps and drill 3 holes that are big enough for the woodscrews to go through. This will be your PVC Bottom Cap.

  6. Screw the PVC Bottom Cap to the Wood so its facing up.

  7. Take your Base Pipes and push it into the Bottom Cap that you just screwed into the wood.

  8. Put aside for now.

  9. Take the lid off the Pickle Jar and screw the lid (facing upside down) on top of your Top Cap as shown in the picture.

  10. Take your Soldering Iron and cut the cord at least 3/4ths of whatever length the cord is or 12 inches from the handle (be sure to keep the other half that cut off)

  11. Drill three, in both the Top Cap and the Pickle Jar lid, holes that are 1/2” diameter so it looks like step 9 These are for your Nylon Tubing.

  12. Then drill another hole in the middle (3/4" diameter) of the PVC Top Cap.

  13. Cut your Nylon Tubing so you’ll end up with (2) 3’ longs and (1) 10” long.

  14. Push each hose into one of the 3 holes you made in the cap and make sure 1/2” of the tube is hanging out of the top.

  15. Push the PVC Top Cap onto the Base Pipe.

  16. Take your Soldering Iron and put the cord into the middle hole of your Top Cap and pull the cord through the top whole of your Base Pipe.

  17. Now take the other half of the cord, strip the ends of the wires and mesh them together. You can use a soldering iron or electrical tape to keep them separate.

  18. Take the tip off the Soldering Iron.

  19. Take the 3/4" Brass Pipe Cap and drill a hole in the center for the brass screw to go through.

  20. Now take the Brass Pipe Cap that you just drilled a hole into and insert the Brass Bolt into it, at the same time insert these two together on top of the Soldering Iron.

  21. Take your Lamp Dimmer Cord and connect it to the soldering cord.

  22. Now your ready to use it! Invite your friends over!

You are now ready to use
your Vaporizer!



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