How to build a high quality Vaporizer for pennies.

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can make your own high performance Vaporizer from houshold items.We show you how. This full featured Pickle Jar Vaporizer has dual hoses, variable temperature controls, mood lighting indicating potency of burn, and easily disassembles for cleaning.

The uniform dynamic of this design outperforms many so called "top end" devices. We were impressed and think you will be too!


Pickle Jar Herbal Vaporizer

For thorough instructions go to the build a vaporizer page. This is just a small list of what to do to build a cheap vaporizer.
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  1. 1 piece-plywood for the bottom-12" by 12"
  2. 1 piece-10' 1/2" diameter nylon tubing-clear
  3. 1 piece-glass jar (we used a pickle jar)
  4. 1 piece-3/4" brass pipe cap
  5. 1 piece-1/4" x 1" brass bolt
  1. 2 pieces-black PVC 3" pipe caps
  2. 1 piece-black PVC pipe 8" to 12" long
  3. 1 piece-25-40 watt solder iron with removable tip
  4. 8 pieces-#10 x 3/4" long wood screw

Vaporizer Parts that you will need

About Vaporizers

Vaporizers are a much more efficient and less harmful way to smoke your herbal product, as vaporizing avoids the toxins that smoking causes. According to studies, by heating herbs to a point where vapors are formed but before the herb combusts, a vaporizer creates a clear substance that is practically free of many of the toxins found when other smoking methods are used.


Marijuana Vaporizer

Is this a good marijuana vaporizer for those looking for vaporizers? If you have your doctor approved marijuana card or access to a legal marijuana dispensary, then any herbal vaporizer with quality temperature control is good and will work. Interestingly people tell me they like to put many things in their homemade vaporizer from fine tobacco to legal bud.

One of my tricks is an expensive blend of pipe tobacco, like Ramback Gold – you can get months worth of entertainment in a dry spell. It’s more interesting than a hookah. I also like certain legal buds and legal weed, but make sure you buy from a reputable source. I’ve done my research, so should you.


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Build A Vaporizer